5 reasons to hold your next meeting or event in Maidstone

Maidstone is an excellent location for business meetings and events, with a host of venues offering great versatility and flexibility, all set within beautiful Kent countryside. Here are five more reasons you should choose Maidstone:

1. Maidstone is home to the largest conference facility in the county – the Kent Event Centre – with over 7,000m2 of indoor space, set within 200 acres of land.

2. Just 35 minutes by rail from London and 35 miles from the Channel Tunnel and ports, Maidstone is also served by two motorways (M2 and M20), so access is incredibly easy.

3. Maidstone has a range of venues to suit any size of event (and budget). Whether you need a small space for a team meeting or conference facilities for thousands, you will find it here.

4. There is an eclectic mix of venues to choose from in Maidstone, including stunning historic castles, country house hotels, international brand hotels, and even traditional Kentish oast houses and converted farm buildings.

5. Surrounded by beautiful countryside and right next to the River Medway, Maidstone offers great opportunities for team building events. It’s amazing what a difference a change of scene can make to motivating and inspiring your teams.

Discover more reasons to hold your next business meeting or event in Maidstone at Conference Maidstone and, when you’re ready to book, try our free venue-finding service to help you find your perfect meeting place in Maidstone.


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