Top 5 free things to do in Maidstone

Regardless of your personal interests or the time of year, being able to find activities that are free is always a rewarding experience. Across Maidstone, the number of free things to do is extensive, with a host of attractions open all-year round. From soaking up the culture and history of some of the region’s most historic buildings and artefacts, to heading out on foot to explore a selection of wide open spaces and the glory of the Kent countryside, there is plenty to see and do across the Maidstone region without spending a single penny.

Below, we take a look at the top five free things to do in Maidstone. Whether you’re travelling alone, with friends, or as a family, you’re certain to experience something unforgettable during your time in the region.

Maidstone Museum and Bentlif Art Gallery

What can we say about Maidstone Museum that hasn’t been said time and again? As far as regional museums go, few across the South East can rival the magnificent collections on display on St Faith’s Street in Maidstone. Here you can find collections dedicated to dinosaurs, Japanese artwork, and ancient Egyptians – with the 2,700-year-old Ta-Kesh mummy a particular favourite among children and adults alike. In addition, touring exhibitions are in regular attendance at the museum, with the hugely popular Brick City LEGO exhibition, the Ralph Steadman Collection, and Contemporary British Watercolours among those that have wowed visitors throughout 2015.

No visit to Maidstone is complete without a visit to Maidstone Museum and Bentlif Art Gallery, so ensure you drop in during your stay to explore more than 660,000 artefacts.

Mote Park

We’ve written before about some of the best reasons to visit Mote Park, but there really is no end to the appeal offered by this region of outstanding natural beauty. Here you can sit back and watch the world go by, take your dog for a walk, drop the kids off in the play area, or even take to the waters to enjoy a number of activities. Regardless of your own passion, this magnificent area in the heart of Maidstone is a stunning retreat from the modern town centre, and where peace and quiet mix with glorious country scenery.

Headcorn Aerodrome

One of the most fascinating attractions in the borough of Maidstone, Headcorn Aerodrome is a hive of activity all-year round, putting on an array of shows and exhibitions, displays and activities that will sate the desires of all ages. Whether you wish to enjoy acrobatic displays of aviation daring, watch from afar as the Aero Legends embark on one of its flybys in a traditional Spitfire, or come along in support of the many skydivers plunging from above for charity, a visit to Headcorn Aerodrome is great fun for all. You can even choose to simply enjoy a cup of coffee in the on-site cafeteria and watch on as the airfield’s activities continue around you.


Ok, so shopping may well require you to spend a few pounds here and there, but actually embarking on a trip into Maidstone town centre costs nothing. Fremlin Walk provides a modern environment in which to invest in high-street fashion and leading produce, while The Mall hosts a range of recognisable names in which to purchase all the items you’ll ever need. You can even visit one of the many local farmers’ markets to savour the local produce from the Maidstone region.

Country walks

A number of history and nature trails provide a walking experience that will take the breath away. From exploration of the North Downs to following a path along the River Medway, embarking on a walk of the famed Pilgrim’s Way to joining an exploration of Maidstone’s many historic sites, joining a walk through the region promises to uncover a host of memorable attractions. Rambling through undulating landscapes, exploring the magnificent flora and fauna, and even just taking in stunning views across the Kent countryside promises to provide a true taste of life in the South East, and is one of the very best ways to discover more of this compelling region.

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