Black Friday 2016 in Maidstone

Black Friday 2016 Maidstone

As we edge towards the end of November, one of the year’s biggest events for high-street and digital retailers approaches with it. And no, we’re not talking about Christmas; we’re referring to Black Friday. But what exactly is Black Friday and how does it affect shoppers in the UK and, in particular, in Maidstone? When – and why – does it take place, and who exactly takes part in the Black Friday event? At Visit Maidstone, we wanted to provide you with everything you need to know about Black Friday 2016 in Maidstone.

What is Black Friday?

Originating in the USA, Black Friday is traditionally held the day after the Thanksgiving celebrations, and marks the biggest day of the year for retailers. This is down to the introduction of one-day special offers – often featuring unprecedented levels of savings (think about getting a brand-new HD television for less than £100 – that’s the level of saving that can be achieved!). What’s more, Thanksgiving represents the last holiday before Christmas, with the very next day marking the run-in to the ‘most wonderful time of the year’.

Such has been the popularity of Black Friday in the USA, the tradition is gradually being adopted around the world, with corporations identifying the popularity of the day as a great way to get customers through the door and spending. As such, we can anticipate Black Friday 2016 in the UK to show a huge growth from last year, when crowds at participating stores reached impressive levels.

When is Black Friday?

As noted above, Black Friday traditionally takes place the day after Thanksgiving in the USA. This means that Black Friday 2016 will take part on November 25, 2016. Unlike regular opening hours, stores across the UK and in Maidstone may well take the opportunity to extend their offering, opening earlier than usual. In fact, it’s not unheard of for some stores – and particularly those offering online deals – to start their Black Friday sales at midnight and run for the entire 24-hour period.

Who takes part in Black Friday?

While the phenomenon of Black Friday is still in its infancy here in the UK, more and more retailers are adopting the Black Friday sales opportunities to boost profits and capitalise on the PR potential. Large stores such as Amazon and Argos are already making preparations for the day, while other leading names such as House of Fraser, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and more will undoubtedly continue to adopt the promotion.

There will undoubtedly be notable absentees from the Black Friday 2016 mania, however. 'Shopper fatigue’ is often cited as a reason for withdrawing from the event, with video footage from past events leading to negative publicity which ultimately hurt the reputation of certain companies. So, if you’re planning a shopping trip on November 25 but wish to avoid the crowds, perhaps conduct a quick search for those businesses abstaining from the Black Friday excitement.

You can find out more about shopping in Maidstone on our website today, and discover the range of shops that may well provide you with great Black Friday savings this November.

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